My name is Suze (pronounced Sooz).

I live in a small village on the Sussex/Hampshire border, about 10 miles from Portsmouth, with Nick, my partner of over 10 years and my adult son.

I have always been quite crafty.  I've done sewing, knitting, embroidery, glass engraving and photography.

I don't remember when I got my pyrography machine.  It was quite a long time ago.

I used it quite a lot, before it got put to one side, while life took over.

I started doing pyrography again to make gifts for friends and family.

Then they started asking me to make specific things.

In 2012 I decided to make a change to my life.  I wanted more time to do things for myself.
I handed in my notice at my full time job and found myself a part time job.
Nick also left his full time job and started working for himself - selling logs and kindling.

And I helped him - doing the admin work and helping with deliveries.

But life had other plans for me...

Within 6 months of leaving my full time job, my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I gave up my part time job to be her carer. For the next 10 months I combined spending the most important weeks of my life with mum while still helping Nick.

By now Nick's business was doing well and I had created a website for his business. 

I took over one of the pages to showcase my creations.
When I started getting commissions from that, I decided to make it official and started my own business in April 2015.


I create bespoke items with designs etched and/or burned into them.

All my items are cut using a scroll saw and hand saw, etched and burned using a rotary tool and a pyrography tool, making each one unique.

I continue to expand my skill set and items that I can offer.  

When I'm not working with Nick, or spending time in my workshop in the garden, I like to spend time doing yoga, gardening or other crafty hobbies.

I love to re-purpose materials, whether that's re-using pallets and wood offcuts to make things, or using fabric that has already had one life.

I pour my heart and soul into every creation and hope that you will love and cherish them.


Emsworth, Hampshire. UK


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